Yvonne emailed me one day last June to talk about photographing her wedding.  She had already been married to her hubby for almost two years, but never had the chance to have a big ceremony since he was in the military.  He was deployed for 265 days this year and she was trying to plan everything while he was gone, so when he got back it would all be ready to go.  She booked the venue, had the dress, figured out everything down to the last detail and then Neil's leave dates changed.  We talked and scrambled and changed a few plans and got me in town earlier than the original ceremony date to get some photos taken.

We decided to take some anniversary pictures as well as photos of them in what they would've been wearing at their wedding [in 33 degrees. might I add].  Yowza, do they look good together or what?!

It is impossible not to feel the love these two have for each other when you are around them.  Yvonne and Neil met a few years ago through Neil's sister-in-law and basically knew they were meant for each other from the start.  Two months later, they went to the courthouse to make it official; they were husband and wife. Two years, and one nine month deployment, later they are still so very much in love.

 Happy [early] anniversary you two, here's to many many more!