hi - I’m kelci.

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Hey, what up, hello.


Here’s the deal about these pages - they are SO HARD to write - mostly because it is hard to get someone’s tone straight from text but I am going to do my best for you.

If you are here you already know, I am Kelci. I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, photographer, etc. I could tell you all of the things I am and all of the things I am not but instead I am going to get right down to it. I know that my job is not a job that in the end of times will keep people alive or will be something I can barter for goods BUT I still truly believe it is an important job. I am a historian of sorts.

I walk into a wedding/house/park/whathaveyou and I observe and document and eventually tell your story. This is the story your kids will know you by. This is the story your siblings will look back on with smiles. The frames I take and deliver freeze the tiniest moment in time in your life and, as the years go by, I realize how precious these moments truly are. Whether it is your wedding day, welcoming your new baby into your family, spending time with your siblings, getting headshots taken for your new business  - I know that I cannot recreate moments. So I don’t. I am there to capture everything how it happens, as it happens. I won’t ask you to fake zip a dress or to pretend to laugh or to force your kid to stand next to you and smile. Time flies and I promise to capture it how it is. Right now. Right here in this moment.


So then what is next? Are we a good fit?

I am sarcastic and love a good joke. I think Schitt’s Creek is one of the best shows around and I am pretty sure I pay an employee’s full salary at Starbucks (guilty pleasure?). I love love and kiddos and grandparents and get weepy sometimes thinking about it but I keep it at a minimum. I have a two-year-old son named Harvey and a six-month-old daughter named Cece and they bring my husband, Daniel, and I so many laughs, so little sleep, and so much fun. We also have two crazy dogs that always seem to bark, shake a collar or need something the moment a child falls asleep - but man do we love them. Pre kids I loved mowing the lawn, going for a run and reading books. Post kids I still love mowing the lawn, running is a tad harder with a double stroller but I am slowly working on it, and I thank the universe for Audible because I can actually keep up with my pals who are actually “reading” books there (I’d also like to shout out to My Favorite Murder - I’m not a huge podcaster but man do they cover many of my interests). 

If you’re looking for someone who will make you comfortable while also making sure you are having fun - I am your girl. I want you to have beautiful images with beautiful memories behind them. No crazy poses, awkward staring or making you do somehting that is not you. Just real and raw (with a side of movie quotes and self-deprecating humor). 


I can’t wait to get to know you.


your story deserves to be documented. it doesn’t need A big moment.


did we just become best friends?!



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